Sustainability has become a mega-trend and with the heightened awareness around sustainability issues, companies and organisations are increasingly looking to position themselves within this field to keep up with the competition, but also to obtain a strategic advantage.

At CatalySD, we are experts in both communications and sustainability. We understand the international policy environment on sustainability and have built up considerable expertise on it and an extensive network in it. We are fully immersed in the issues, policy and thinking around sustainability and participate actively in various UN negotiations and other meetings on various topics, including climate change, environmental management, sustainable development and the sectors affiliated to these. This exposure forms the basis of our work. Our engagement and unique position allows us to track and project policy developments as they happen. It allows us to keep up-to-date and use the knowledge to inform our work: strategically and pro-actively positioning the communications of our clients ahead of the curve, but also avoiding the many pitfalls around issues that are sensitive.

We are a small, flexible team of highly qualified and respected professionals that can adapt to our clients’ needs. We are service oriented, experienced, and proud of the reputations we have built up and the contribution we make to the world we live in.